The Friends of Timboni Feeder School nonprofit organization achieved its goal of providing a reliable source of water to the Timboni School. Since 2007 when the borehole was drilled and the pump and windmill were installed, the school has expanded and developed through investment by the community, government, and other nonprofits. Changes have included additional school buildings, pit toilets, planting of vegetables and trees, a rainwater cache system, and a pond for raising fish.  

The Friends of Timboni Feeder School is committed to maintain the pump and windmill for a certain period of time.  Other than that commitment, the Friends of Timboni Feeder School has decided its work at the school has been completed. Remaining funds will be used for maintaining the water supply at the school according to the new mission:

To help poor Kenyan communities lift themselves out of poverty with water,

education, health, and other basic development projects.


At this time, Friends of Timboni Feeder School is not accepting donations.